June 6, 2014

The options that you have for transportation services, including freight shipping, freight transport, cargo transport and heavy haulage are going to be limited to the location that you need your goods delivered to and what your goods actually are.


The best type of transport and haulers for your goods is going to depend on a number of factors, and each equation and combination is going to give you a different answer and opinion. Remember to look at the bigger picture when choosing methods and look at all of your, and your customer’s needs.


Types of Transportation services


  • Truck – many goods can be transported via truck, whether as the entire load or as part of a load. You may choose the option of having your own trailer or pay to have a shipping container towed.
  • Train – interstate train transport is undertaken via shipping container. Each shipping container is sealed and is only opened at the other end by the receiver. Cars can be sent without containers.
  • Sea – mostly used for international shipping, but sometimes sea transport is used between major ports and capitals cities.
  • Air – most air transport will be restricted because of size and weight but is an option if your goods are not too big.


Factors that may influence your decision


  •  Cost – different forms of transport have varying costs and you should investigate all costs before making a commitment or signing a contract.
  • Time – all methods have different time frames. Air freight may be the fastest but may also be the most expensive, while sea freight may be the cheapest but it is also the most time consuming.
  • Size - some items are too big to fit into a conventional shipping container meaning that you may not be able to choose all options. If you have a smaller load, think of sharing with others.
  • Chemical – not all methods are amenable with transporting chemicals. Air freight doesn’t allow for chemicals and you will need to declare chemicals to all other types of transport.
  • Weight – if the item you are transporting is particularly heavy you will have restrictions. Air freight is obviously out, and your goods’ weight will be considered by other carriers.


When looking at Heavy transporting goods you should look into costs and then make decisions. In some cases it may be more economical for you to buy locally rather than transport goods, but this isn’t going to be the case if you are moving interstate and are shipping all your worldly goods. If you are transporting goods that you have just purchased you need to speak to your supplier about shipping. In many cases they may be able to organise transport for you and if not, may be able to give you advice and perhaps even a referral or two as to recommend transport companies.

Crane Rental-Alberta, Canada

May 20, 2014

Crane Rental

When your company has a heavy lifting project to do the topic of buying a new crane or renting a crane can come up. There are pros and cons to each decision, and here crane rental will be discussed in detail as a viable option for companies involved in heavy lifting. Industries involved in heavy lifting that could require crane rentals include the oil and gas industry, forestry, construction and mining.


Crane Rental Companies

ENTREC is a company in western Canada that rents cranes. They will contract out their cranes as well as provide crane rentals in the following areas: Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and some parts of North Dakota. They are an incredibly reliable company for crane rentals because they have many years of experience.  They are able to meet the needs of many companies because they offer a range of different types of cranes for rent.


What You Need to Know Before You Rent a Crane

One of the first pieces of information that you will need when renting a crane is the weight of the objects that will be lifted. You will also need to know the measurements and size of the objects. It is also important to know how to attach the crane to the objects. This is called the rigging method. If the objects will be lifted over a building or other structure it will be important to know the distance from where the crane will be to the side of the building or structure. Other important measurements to know include the height of the building and the length and width of the top of the building or structure. 


Safety Check Before Renting a Crane

When making the decision to rent a crane for heavy lifting, it is imperative to complete a safety check. This involves checking for any protruding overhead wires, large trees, underground pipes or waterways, loose soil, electrical sources or any other safety concern that could put workers at risk. Informing the rental company about specific concerns will help in making the best choice when it comes to the size and type of crane that is suitable for your needs.


Crane Rental Permits

It is important to be aware of whether the rented crane will be placed on private or public property. If it is to be placed on public property, there may be a specific permit that is necessary before going ahead with the project. In any case, it is important to gain permission to use this public property to place a crane. Also, it is important to know whether or not the crane will be traveling. Some larger cranes require a traveling permit in order to drive the crane in specific areas. All of these permits and permissions should be organized well in advance of the actual crane rental.


Other Considerations When Renting a Crane

Crane rental is often a good choice for companies needing a crane for a short period of time or during a specific project. It is recommended to rent a crane especially if there is only one project available for the crane to complete.

Ahead of the Game: Alberta, Canada

March 19, 2014

Located in beautiful Alberta, Canada is a company that is leading the pack in the industry of heavy lifting and transportation. Entrec which began as a heavy hauling company in 1995 is now a growing entity that specializes in hoisting services, transportation of heavy items and hardware, manufacturing, and logistics support. Various industries find the services offered by Entrec beneficial such as environment-friendly gas, oil, production, petrochemical, as well as excavating and generation of electricity. The vision of the company is to be the premier transportation company for their customers. Far too often companies come along that only have the vision of making money. The thought of how the customers feel about the service provider never comes to the forefront. Typically these kinds of businesses fail because in any industry from manufacturing to food service the main focus has to be on the customer. Without the customer there is no business. When it comes to the services Entrec has to offer no matter what industry you can rest assured you will get top notch service. This is obvious when you take one look at the website located at

Keeping in line with their vision Entrec only employees the most certified employees. The knowledge and accountability of the employees is what has enabled the company to grow as much as it has over the last twenty years. In a recent pole Entrec was voted as one of the top 65 employers in Alberta, Canada. That places them in the same category with employers such as Shell Canada Limited, Hallmark Tubulars LTD, and Matrix Solutions to name a few. With a ranking this high you can be assured that when it comes to Entrec you are in good hands. Alberta, Canada is the fourth most populous province in Canada and to receive a ranking such as this says a lot about the reputation of the company. When ensuring your business in the hands of someone you want to rest knowing that your needs will be taken care of. With Entrec in your corner you can rest well.

Listed on the website at you will also find a section that highlights how Entrec is also involved within the communities that they service. Anytime you have a company that is not only committed to providing excellent customer service but who is also deeply connected to the community you know that you have a winner. Throughout the years Entrec has been involved in numerous events that have impacted the community in a positive way. From donating time and equipment for community projects on down to helping build a playground at a local school, Entrec has been there to lend a helping hand. Stories such as these help to represent the value of a company. Of course you can provide whatever service you offer but in addition what else do you offer your customer. In such a competitive market your brand has to stand out amongst the rest. Without a shadow of a doubt when it comes to the heavy lift and heavy haul industry Entrec is leading the way.



Heavy Haul, Alberta Canada by ENTREC from subvids on Vimeo.

Choosing the Right Heavy Equipment Hauling Company for You

March 5, 2014

If you have a project that has a green flag to start building it then you need to start looking for the right services in your area for the activities that you are required to do in order to complete the project. If you have the finances to allow all of this but you want to spend as less as possible for the highest quality of services then you might face a more difficult search but it is not impossible. There are many services that are of great quality but still at affordable prices that everyone who requires a task to be done will see that it is worth it. If your project is about construction, then one of the most important things you have to consider is finding the right heavy equipment hauling company to provide the services you need. Construction is connected to a lot of heavy objects transportation from one location to another including within the very construction place and the easiest, fastest way to do this is what you aim for. The workers that you pay for the construction can be more productive and finish it faster if the job goes smoothly, without problems and any damages due to incidents. These are all reasons why to be extra careful when it comes to finding the best quality services including heavy equipment hauling company for the job you are looking for. You can read more information about this by clicking here.

There are several things to consider when searching for a heavy equipment hauling company. First of all, you can start by checking out the highest ranked company for this service on the Internet. Then you can read the ratings, the reviews and see if it is actually based on truth because there are often easy ways to scam on the Internet. You can ask in different forums about the particular company and find out what more people think about it who have used it for their own jobs. It can be really useful if you get the opinion of a person who used to work for the company to find out the way how workers think of the service and if they think it is worth having a contract with that particular heavy equipment hauling company. Secondly, contact the service company that you think fits best what you are looking for. Ask them any questions that you may have, explain about the job that you need their services for, and ask them if they have suggestions how to perform it in an easier and faster way, find out about their safety policy as well. Finally, do this for several different companies while taking notes and then decide which one of the few to choose for your own job. This ensures that you have had a thorough research and that you have made the right choice when it comes to finding the best heavy equipment hauling company in your area.

Services of Heavy Hauling Companies

February 4, 2014

All of the heavy hauling companies all around the world offer many different services and some have additional options that are rare and this is how they lure more clients, who they satisfy with the great service, earn positive feedback and their business grows more and more. A company that provides heavy hauling services means that this company can be hired to transport heavy objects and loads which is necessary in different industries, especially construction. Such companies are specialized in heavy hauling and have different trucks of all the models that can be useful, as well as trucks with additional features, suited for the services they offer. The companies also have most of the time built a whole network for their transportation services to make it easier and cheaper for their service and clients. These tasks can often lead to mistakes and there is always some risk in transporting heavy objects from one place to another. There can be different incidents on the road or if the trucks are not regularly observed for any damages, there could be a breakdown of the truck and the equipment to be stuck on the middle of the road, delaying the whole process. This can have a really negative effect on the image of a heavy hauling company and lead to losses in clients and people who were planning to use your services. There is the need to properly ensure the heavy loads that you agree to transport, because of such possibilities and many other reasons that will help you in case there is a problem and your company will not have to pay for it. The services that heavy hauling companies offer are different. Most companies offer heavy hauling, trucking, heavy rigging, turn-key projects, crane services, railcar transportation, warehousing, import/export services, as well as catastrophic recovery. Most of the major heavy hauling companies offer another service as well – tank hauling which requires more specific trailers. You can find out more information about this by clicking here . There are different types of tanks that may need hauling depending on the industry that the company you work with is in. For example, there are oilfield tanks. Most of the companies offer tank hauling in any size of the tanks – it can be only a few hundred barrels or some of the largest tanks that you can find in the world. Running your own company and offering tank hauling, trucking and some of the other services requires many regulations, check-ups of the equipment, making sure that your employees are meeting the necessary requirements to work for you, that they do not violate any rules and have experience in the field. Tank hauling is often searched for by people who run companies in the oilfield industry. If you want to win the chance to perform such a job then you have to proof your quality of work and that you are trustworthy with a many positive reviews and previous customers to verify this.

Oilfield Hauling With the best Company in Canada

December 13, 2013

Transferring oilfield is a very complicated process, but only for those companies which aren’t experienced with the transfer. The first mistake people make when they hire hauling service, is the fact that they are searching for the most expensive organization. This is a mistake because it doesn’t mean the company is great just because they value their service very much by requesting money. Some of the best hauling services will charge you very low because they won’t get rich if they take a lot of money from your request. Their experience is valuable and it will be shown to you if you decide to hire them. When you will like to transfer an oilfield, you should ask yourself about the most important things in the process. Having a successful oilfield hauling doesn’t require numerous people working on it and many trucks to take care about your product. Quick and successful creating of the plans to deliver the product from one place to another without numerous and huge problems during the process, is what makes one organization to be better than the other. If you use this fact whenever you search for a crane service, tank hauling or oilfield hauling, you will have a successful mission which will be satisfied from every point of view. Saving your financial situation is very important too. The process is successful as the money you’ve spent on it. If you’ve spent a huge amount, it means that the organization didn’t achieve their goals because you should be saving, and not spending money. If you think about everything before starting the process, you will have a better chance to succeed in it. Follow this link and inform yourself about the best organization regarding this problem and there will be no problems. Their reputation is huge and you can learn a lot from their actions. They will show you that oilfield hauling has never been easier if you use the right tools to do it. Special trailers will be provided for the transferring process, which means that everything will be set for a safe traveling. This article is only one of the many which are showing the best side of this organization, and if you are interested in more of them, you should browse online and you will definitely find what you are looking for. It is easy to build up a great reputation when you know how to work. Don’t waste your time on other organizations. It is known that each one of them will promise you many things that might seem unnatural. It is because they are desperate to take your money and create an opportunity for themselves. But, it is everything up to you and it is your decision to make. Since you are reading this article, you must know the benefits of the company. Visit their official website and contact the customer service to inform you about the details you need to hear.